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John Jezzini

Chief Executive Officer

John Jezzini is the CEO and Founder of Elevate Holdings. With a background in real estate and manufacturing, John recognized the incredible potential of the cannabis industry and began his journey to create a thriving ecosystem.

John brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the cannabis industry. He has a proven track record of implementing new technologies to drive efficiency and increase productivity, thereby leading to a best-in-class, always, consistent product.

Under John’s leadership, Elevate Holdings has become a leader in the industry, offering innovative solutions for cannabis processing and manufacturing. He has developed proprietary cultivation methodologies that result in the strongest plants, market-leading profit margins, and larger yields, making him an innovator and prominent industrial designer for cultivation and distribution systems in the cannabis industry.

Under John’s leadership, Elevate Holdings offers a portfolio of world-class brands wholly owned brands, including Helena Farms, Wav, Dizzies, and Huxleys, each offering their users a unique experience.


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