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Sal Soulet & Armen Amirkhanian

Cultivation and Manufacturing

Sal Soulet and Armen Amirkhanian are the co-heads of Cultivation and Manufacturing at Elevate Holdings, overseeing all aspects of operations for a commercial cannabis facility with over 25,000 sq ft of flowering canopy. With their deep expertise in the science of cultivation, facilities management, and build, they utilize innovative approaches to crop management, environmental control systems, and cannabis morphology to produce award-winning flower and top-quality cannabis products.

Sal and Armen manage cultivation operations across three sites with a variety of growing media, lighting, and environmental control systems. They employ data-driven approaches to optimize fertigation systems, ensuring the best possible plant health and growth.

Under their leadership, Elevate Holdings has become a leader in the industry, offering innovative solutions for cannabis processing and manufacturing. Their award-winning flower and innovative approach to cultivation and manufacturing make them an impactful and dynamic part of the executive leadership team, driving success and growth for Elevate Holdings.


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